A prudent question is one-half of wisdom

Kindly ensure the safekeeping of your belongings and put valuable items in the locker provided. The management accepts no responsibility for loss, theft or damage of personal items or valuables. 

The external grounds of the villas are monitored by CCTV cameras and there are security guards on rotational basis. 

We apologize for the inconvenience, Pets are not allowed to brought in. 

Yes, we are equipped with the first-aid. We also have a doctor on call. 

Yes, we cook and serve veg & non-veg food absolute separately in most hygienic manner. 

Yes, the view is Crystal Clear. 

The Cancellation Policy differs between the properties under Orchard Valley Resort and period of the year. During high-season we will have a stricter cancellation policy than low-season period. The Cancellation details will be displayed during the booking process. 

The driving distance between Orchard Valley Resort and Courtallam Falls is 10.5 km via Vallam Main Road (SH 40) and 13.0 km via Kannupuli Mettu Road (SH 40). 

It takes approximately 28 min via Kannupuli Mettu Road (SH 40) and 26 min via Vallam Main Road (SH 40) to drive from Chithira Sabai Temple from Orchard Valley Resort. 


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